Contract Negotiation


A good contract starts with good negotiation.  Having legal counsel involved up front in contract negotiations will help ensure that your legal interests are protected.

Contract Drafting & Review


Whether you need a simple non-disclosure  agreement ("NDA") or a complex purchase or sale agreement, you need to ensure that your legal and intellectual property rights are protected.

Data Security and Privacy


Know what contractual provisions should be in any contract you are negotiating to protect your privacy and personal information.  Do you know what federal and state privacy laws apply to you?



Licensing your software or  valuable technology to a licensee?  Or are you 

licensing technology from a third party?  In either case, you need to know that your legal interests and property rights are protected.

Warranties; Indemnities


Do you have warranty coverage?

Are you indemnified against risks or claims that are the fault of the other party?  Is the other party seeking to have you assume liability that you should not assume?



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